T 1 Series


Inspired from the legendary Volkswagen T 1 Camper Van, we made this pedalboard for your music roadtrip!
One design.. dozens of colours!
  • 5 standard sizes. Request a custom size by email (If the custom size is near to standard, no additional charges will be apply.)
  • Huge variety of Tolex coverings
  • 10.6cm audience side – 5.3cm player’s side
  • 2 soldered in/out assemblies with Neutrik encloused jacks or Puretone Jacks with Tele style plate, Mogami2524 cable leads,right angle plugs
  • Ac power inlet with indicator lamp, toggle switch and C13 power device pigtail
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Loop pedal deck


This item is built to order, click here for current lead time

click here to see Tolex color designs

Black Comet €0.00 Black Elephant €0.00 Black Levant €0.00 Black Nubtex €0.00 Black Panama €0.00 Black Taurus €0.00 Black Vinyl €0.00 Blue Bronco €0.00 British Tan Levant €0.00 Brown Gator €0.00 Brown Palomino Taco €0.00 Country Western €0.00 Cream Rough €0.00 Cream Smooth Bronco €0.00 Fawn Style €0.00 Fender Style Rough Brown €0.00 Fender Style Smooth Brown €0.00 Green British Emerald levant €0.00 Hiwatt Vox Style Green Tolex +€50.00 Ivory €0.00 Black Western +€50.00 Carolina Blue +€50.00 Rough Red +€30.00 Navy Bronco €0.00 Orange Bronco €0.00 Orange Nubtex €0.00 Purple Levant €0.00 Red levant €0.00 Red Garnet Bronco €0.00 Sea Foam €0.00 Silver Bronco €0.00 Tweed €0.00 Vintage vanilla Nubtex €0.00 Vox Hiwatt style red +€45.00 Vox Hiwatt style white +€45.00 White Hot €0.00 Wine Taurus €0.00 Black Carbon €0.00 Red Carbon €0.00 White Carbon €0.00
Neutrik €0.00 Tele ElectroSocket Jack Plate Black (with Puretone Jack) +€22.00 Tele ElectroSocket Jack Plate Chrome (with Puretone Jack) +€22.00 Tele ElectroSocket Jack Plate Gold (with Puretone Jack) +€22.00

Adding this option includes two (2) more 1/4” TS lead assemblies to the left side of the board. This add-on is useful when your taking advantage of your amplifiers FX Loop circuitry.

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Additional Info
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